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Boundaries of Sharing

As an astrological Leo, eldest child, glutton in the pursuit of truth, righteousness and the greater good, I look back on the genesis of this blog and wished I had done so much more. By more I mean in sharing small reflections that remind us of the beauty in our humanity. Some peer into posts as trolls, coined so distastefully by others literally trolling the interwebs, seeking answers, insight, or just out of pure boredom. Failure to accept, acknowledge or possibly comprehend that these social intercourses exist as the reality for that writer. What positional hierarchy affords us the right to judge or to cast stones? [continue reading…]


Wrong Roger

Yesterday was a shit day on record. I have had plenty more but I guess this was more unique in that I was enlightened even further how people truly are not inherently good.

I was of the belief that people are inherently good and that the bad, evil, or hurtful nature was more of a learned behavior, environmental per se. Boy was I fucking wrong.
You see people truly are just evil to the bone. Careless. Inconsiderate. I know personally I tried to hold myself to a higher moral ground and “do unto others” despite my failure in the Christian religion. I think that was just a basic feeling and right for conduct as a basic human being.

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Weapon of Choice

I was pondering the words to print, what exactly do I want to get out of my head. Words, anything, feelings, emotions, rage, love, desire, silence. Listening to the rhythmic hum of my oven from cooking tonights late night dinner. The kids enjoyed choosing their favorite meal; peanut butter and jelly and bologna sandwiches. Making me mother of the year, by default, truly default by having purely no energy to cook this evening because of the exhausting day, the fight with traffic, and managing a litter of gnomes. I default as a parent. Among other things. Sadly I have been reminded of how piss poor I am to myself and my own reflection and self distinction. [continue reading…]


Personal Evolution

Funny I have had no inherent need to blog. Anywhere. About anything. The thought and pure idea of getting out a post was and is blasphemy to me. Not because I “quit” as to be believed, but more of the fact I had nothing to share of any importance. While my unimportance may be relevance to help ease someone’s pains of “been there, doing it” I just could not bring myself to write, because I had no need.

I have been writing, however, just not in the mommy sense. [continue reading…]

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Merry Go Round Conversations

The other day I decided I needed to call my mother. I spent an entire week not speaking to her which if you know our relationship I talk to my mother religiously on a daily basis. Our talks are generally about our OCD tendencies to clean, organize, find structure in a mostly chaotic world of codependency, etcetera etcetera.

Anxiety began to rise inside me, the pumping of my blood, almost as if my fight or flight protection mechanisms were telling me to abort. Too late, she answered. Our conversations were the standard yadda yadda about life stuff, cleaning, work, what’s new with the weather, the same fucking shit as usual. Until I knew I had to pull the trigger. No one is my family can do it. EVER. A bunch of god damn ninnies is what they are, all talk and no action. [continue reading…]

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