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Boundaries of Sharing

As an astrological Leo, eldest child, glutton in the pursuit of truth, righteousness and the greater good, I look back on the genesis of this blog and wished I had done so much more. By more I mean in sharing small reflections that remind us of the beauty in our humanity. Some peer into posts as trolls, coined so distastefully by others literally trolling the interwebs, seeking answers, insight, or just out of pure boredom. Failure to accept, acknowledge or possibly comprehend that these social intercourses exist as the reality for that writer. What positional hierarchy affords us the right to judge or to cast stones?

My lack to post has been due to possessing too many boundaries, in conjunction with a work schedule that drains the glittering life of desire to write straight out of my intellect. Do I dare open up again and expose deep thoughts and feelings? Do I take the plunge and say fuck it, what have I got to lose?

Well here is to posting what comes to mind.

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