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Finding the Dream Job

dream job, entrepreneurDo you struggle waking in the morning? The alarm is like a dreaded reminder of the job you will drag yourself out of bed for each day. You find no joy or love in wanting to “go to” work. Granted, most of us say that we do not want to work, but let’s face it, if we were unemployed we would be begging for work. What we are really saying is that we want a dream job. We want a job that we love, that we have flexibility, we might have the opportunity to work from home, and finally the dream job pays a decent wage that sustains our lifestyle.

Why then do so many of us struggle to find the dream job? Your neighbor is driving a new Maserati. Your best friend works three hours a day and the remaining time is spent playing grab ass with his wife. The guy on the television is traveling around the world with his kids.

Quite frankly we are chasing the wrong dream. We want the flexibility, the work from home, and of course the pay. How it ends up is that we get the pay, we work hellacious hours, and we miss out on being with are family due to working on an asinine amount of unnecessary stress. What we should be seeking is an income. Does the income we yield satisfy our needs? To add further, are we doing what we love? Crazy as it sounds but many of us could be doing this, however we do what we should be doing based on societal conformity.

Each and everyday is an opportunity to wake up and start working towards something you love. Working at a job, per se, that yields a decent income to provide for your family, and the default living to stereotypical, societal standards are washed away. I guess the next question is that you love what you currently do but you hate…fill in the blank. That blank could be your boss, your employer, your hours, whatever the case may be, so look to change those circumstances. The most likely response given right now, “yeah right.” How come you cannot change those circumstances? Why not make that your dream job outside of your circumstances?

What I have found in my years of chasing my dream job, chasing that income, chasing that golden opportunity is that while it may exist, I needed to make it happen. Rather than seeking out the opportunity that Joe Schmoe has listed on the latest job board I took my skills and applied them to my own opportunity and my own circumstances. I stopped chasing down what I wanted and I wrote down what I wanted. I created the opportunity.

Chad and I were always afraid of starting our own business and going out into the world as unknowns. Failure was at the top of the fear factor list. A close second was bankruptcy and destitute. Valid reasons to be fearful, coupled with the fact that we have three small children that are outside of an age that would lawfully permit them joining the workforce. One might see this as the primary fear for going into business for ourselves. However, we felt that owning our business would be a most excellent way to show our children the value of hard work. The value of creating a life that we designed. The value of a dream job.A dream job in that we would take our skills that we had acquired through real life experiences and apply this to the services we offer daily.

Who knew that there was an added value in knowing how to cook without a recipe. Who knew there was value in the proper way to shop for organic foods. Who knew there was a proper way to install malware protection software on your computer for greater PC performance.

We didn’t know this at first. We didn’t know if anyone would believe in our mission the way we believed. At first we felt like those kids who were going to grab the attention of the professional athlete just to meet them for five minutes, autograph their memorabilia. We were clumps of enormous energy and potential, but too small to be noticed. How we were wrong. Believing so deeply in ourselves we found others had a profound belief for us as well. Our network of colleagues and friends were rooting for us like the underdog at a dodge-ball game. Their beliefs were the catalyst for us in business. Cheerleaders willing to share the good news in their network who shared in their network. Short of being a wild fire as this was more of a game of telephone, we saw potential, we saw growth.

Working the dream job. Living a dream job. Yielding an income. Find your dream job, purpose, passion, dream job, entrepreneur

Sounds easy enough right? The task is not easy. Each day you give a little. Each day you plug away a little more. Baby steps into the process. At first the whole process was overwhelming. Registering a business, bank accounts, licensing, IRS registration, taxation and revenue, and the whole gamut. The weight of the world felt on our shoulders as we began to chunk away at each piece to a successful business. Not realizing these were part of the process but not immediately. The process is about perspective. Stop to take a moment and have perspective of the big picture and plan. Consider your plan, your idea about starting your business as blue prints to guide you on  your path for constructing your dream job. As the architect for your business take the time and draft out all your details.

If you aren’t sure what business you would like to open and run, apply the same exercise. Plot out your details. Start by evaluating your passion. What do you love to do? For me, I love to help people enrich their lives. Sounds extremely broad right? Well my experience is extremely broad; I have worked in the food industry, automotive, finance, mortgage, corporate training, technical writer, and parent. I add parent because in that role we have many hats, never minimize our most common gifts and blessings.

In each of my roles I have had the extraordinary opportunity to be with amazing people and assist them in exploiting their gifts. Some of those extraordinary people include my own children. For example my youngest son was struggling in school with blending words and reading while his twin sister was excelling. During that time I was able to enrich his life by my gift of teaching. I found I have an ability to take something extremely complex and simplify the information so that others can understand. How hard can that be? Communicating in a way that is helpful and inspirational is a gift. Communication at its core is a gift. Since I was able to communicate in such a fashion with my son, with my former team members and folks who just did not have the information available to them I found my calling. Literally. Part of my passion is also this blog, my family blog, ghostwriting, sharing my ability to write with others.

What I am sharing with you today is find your purpose. Find your passion. You cannot be successful in anything you do if you do not love what you do. I love what I do. I love sharing about organic foods. I love sharing my ability to cook, bake, and grill amazing meals that nourish peoples lives. I love to communicate with people on a basic level to an educational level. While these seem very menial I found that these finite skills are what led me to my dream job. My dream job is by my design, as a lifestyle consultant I educate and enrich peoples lives on many levels. I am able to share my knowledge and my gifts with people around the world in a very unique capacity. Take the time today and evaluate your knowledge, your gifts, talents and abilities. How can you make those gifts work for you, evaluate how you can create your own dream job by your design.

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