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Why Are You Doing This

One of the most common questions I have received over the last few months is “why are you doing this?” My answer is not always the easiest, but so flippant; I want to do this, I want to compete. When I was let go from the bank I suddenly found myself floundering personally. Unsure of my path, unsure of what came next, unsure of who I am, was, and to be. Then I had an “a-ha” moment where I was inspired by my trainer, I was inspired to take on a brutal mental, physical and emotional challenge. The challenge became my inspiration, I had a goal, light at the end of my seemingly dark tunnel. [click to continue…]

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One Size Fits All or Does It?

One Size Does Not Fit all

Laying in bed the other night with The Chad, we began discussing our workout routines, how we feel and my aspirations for my upcoming competition. I mentioned to him about an article I read about Lou Ferrigno and his amazing back and back workout. Lately I have had major back envy, looking at men and women alike learning how to actuate and activate those muscles for beautiful definition and growth. During our discussion we touched on the obvious use of steroids but also how fitness and nutrition will play a tremendous part of the equation for the majority of body builders, myself included. One of my largest struggles in this process was nailing down my nutrition with my fitness routines to see and feel lasting results. [click to continue…]

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Trusting the Process

December marked my commitment to a huge transformation. Since having my twins exactly eight years ago I have struggled deeply both physically and emotionally. The main physical struggle was my weight. I was never a large individual and after having my twins, 8lbs 2oz and 6lbs respectively, the weight came off and packed back on while breastfeeding twins full-time. Emotionally, I was a wreck. Rarely getting out of the house, the mental toll of having extra weight, a self esteem that fluttered in the wind. So when my twins were 18 months I took my life back again through a change in diet and exercise, but I never was truly satisfied with my weight, my image, myself. [click to continue…]

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New Horizons

I started this blog with every intention to be a sounding board for rants, raves and just to share the minutiae I would not otherwise share on The Five Fish. Some topics just do not need to be covered on that venue. I started The Fish to talk about my family, life with twins, motherhood. Now my life is evolving as my children have grown from infancy to toddlers to little people and even my tween, I find I have less cutesy events to share about them and antics and more of accepting their privacy as individual people.

So now I have a new horizon of motherhood, womanhood, embracing the “me” part of all of life as I leave my kids to their privacy. With that many things have changed over the last several years, one of the most revealing events was leaving corporate America and finding my own niche. Going out on my own as a business woman, driving my own income, my own dreams and my own goals. High aspirations were to use this blog to share that vision…and to some degree I will. [click to continue…]


Finding the Dream Job

dream job, entrepreneurDo you struggle waking in the morning? The alarm is like a dreaded reminder of the job you will drag yourself out of bed for each day. You find no joy or love in wanting to “go to” work. Granted, most of us say that we do not want to work, but let’s face it, if we were unemployed we would be begging for work. What we are really saying is that we want a dream job. We want a job that we love, that we have flexibility, we might have the opportunity to work from home, and finally the dream job pays a decent wage that sustains our lifestyle. [click to continue…]


Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

Perusing Facebook you may come across one of your friends posts that refers to some interesting life hack to make the day-to-day a bit simpler. If you really want to know about a life hack, ask your grandma or someone else’s grandma. Sounds silly or absurd but I cannot tell you what a wealth of information our family and elders can be with real life advice in her most simplistic form. My suggestion is to find someone who was born at least 1954 or older, the Baby Boomers are fabulous for advice from careers, life, love, and finances. [click to continue…]


Not Yet Rated

Gripping at the final credits as the film winds through the reels, waiting patiently in the dark for the next teaser. Some trailer or scene, spoilers for a sequel. All that is the left is the on location references and music acknowledgments, bore fest. My life was turning into that same scene of musical contributions and location listings, only the equivalency was a historical ledger, best known as a resume, of career moves and an epic failure. [click to continue…]


The Whole Circle Jerk Issue

Being a woman of character I value my relationships on a rather deep and very human level. Albeit I may gamble a little too much in humanity, but I like to consider that a “feature” of mine as opposed to a flaw. I work hard at my relationships. Am I giving enough of myself as to avoid appearing aloof, am I open and approachable, do others have trust in me as a confidant based on our transactions. [click to continue…]


Boundaries of Sharing

As an astrological Leo, eldest child, glutton in the pursuit of truth, righteousness and the greater good, I look back on the genesis of this blog and wished I had done so much more. By more I mean in sharing small reflections that remind us of the beauty in our humanity. Some peer into posts as trolls, coined so distastefully by others literally trolling the interwebs, seeking answers, insight, or just out of pure boredom. Failure to accept, acknowledge or possibly comprehend that these social intercourses exist as the reality for that writer. What positional hierarchy affords us the right to judge or to cast stones? [click to continue…]


Wrong Roger

Yesterday was a shit day on record. I have had plenty more but I guess this was more unique in that I was enlightened even further how people truly are not inherently good.

I was of the belief that people are inherently good and that the bad, evil, or hurtful nature was more of a learned behavior, environmental per se. Boy was I fucking wrong.
You see people truly are just evil to the bone. Careless. Inconsiderate. I know personally I tried to hold myself to a higher moral ground and “do unto others” despite my failure in the Christian religion. I think that was just a basic feeling and right for conduct as a basic human being.

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